• Jupiter Juice Slime

    Jupiter Juice

    Jupiter Juice is Neon coloured Slime, it comes in Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink and Green. It glows in the dark, adding extra fun as […]

  • Barrel O Slime

    Barrel O Slime

    Barrel O Slime is great fun, once in your hand, there’s a very addictive moreish compulsion to keep on squishing and pulling it. It’s great […]

Oh my, Barrel O Slime!

Incredibly Fun, Fabulous and Gooey. Its squishy and squashy. You can Pour it and Chop it, Drop it and Poke it! It's Curiously Wet, Cold and Clammy, like water but it's not a liquid!

So, welcome, have a browse, here you'll find different types of slime and putty, and also some tried and tested recipes on how to make your own!

  • Noise and Fart Putty

    Fart Putty

    Fart putty, also known as noise putty or trump putty is great fun. It’s squishy and makes strangely satisfying farting noises when you press your fingers […]

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