The Best Clear Glue for Slime Making in the UK from S S Arts and Crafts

A quick post to tell you all about a clear glue that Trevor told us about.

It’s great value at £3.23 for 1 litre and comes well packaged with fast delivery.

In comparison Elmers is very expensive and takes ages to arrive from the USA, and the Hobby Craft clear glue is very expensive at £2 for 300ml, or over £6.50 for the equivalent amount.

We can confirm the S&S Arts and Crafts clear glue makes perfect clear slime. I will get my daughter to post some on here soon.

Link to the glue is here:

Some photos of the glue, along with a size comparison:


  1. Hi, many thanks for sharing this. We actually now have a slightly earlier shipment arriving tomorrow (18th Jan 2018) as well as more arriving on 22nd Jan 2018 so get your orders in asap as it’s really selling out so fast. We are currently looking into stocking a 5 litre tub too which we hope will be helpful for all the slime making.
    Many thanks for all your interest. Emily (S&S

  2. Thanks for the info Barrel and yes Emily my daughter here in Ireland makes a lot of slime and would be greatly interested in the 5 litre container of clear glue. Please let us know here if and when you have it in stock. Thanks, Billy

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