Cheap Clear Glue in UK for Crystal Slime Making

Clear glue sticks for making crystal clear slime
Clear glue sticks for making crystal clear slime

So, you wanna make some clear crystal slime but you’re in the UK and you can’t find Elmers clear glue that all the Youtubers in the USA tell you to use? Fear not!

In summary, the following clear glues have been tried and tested by me and make good slime in combination with a good activator. To make the slime more interesting you can add floam glitter, paint, food colouring shaving foam, Daiso Clay, Crayloa Model Magic etc.

Clear Glue from S&S Arts and Crafts

Price: £3.23 for 1 litre + £2.99 for delivery = total £6.22 or £62p per 100ml.


Delivery is reasonably quick, my last batch arrived in a few days.

Clear Glue from Hobby Craft

Price: £2.00 for 300ml + £4.50 delivery (free for orders over £20) = total £6.50 or £2.16 for 100ml


You can obviously save on delivery if you can pick up from a local Hobby Craft, but call before you make a trip to make sure they have some on the shelf.

Elmers clear glue

You can click on the link below to view or buy from, but this is the most expensive at £4.45 for 147ml, or £3.03 for 100ml without delivery!

Pritt Transparent Glue

Very expensive at around £2.99 instore for 135ml or £2.21 for 100ml! Advantage with this one is you can probably get some at your local supermarket. I’ve bought before from Adsa and Sainsburys. Product link to is below:

Home Bargains clear glue pens, pack of 3 pens

Home Bargains do a pack of 3 clear glue pens, each at 50ml, making a total of 150ml

Price: 99p for 3 x 50ml pens (150ml in total) or 66p for 100ml. Price is comparable to S&S Arts and Crafts Clear glue, but these pens are rather scarce and so a bit hit and miss to whether you’ll find them instore. Whenever I see them I do pick up a few.

Clear glue sticks for making crystal clear slime
Clear glue sticks for making crystal clear slime 99p for 150ml!
Clear glue sticks for making crystal clear slime
Clear glue sticks for making crystal clear slime from Home Bargains!

Clear Slime Activator

To make clear Slime you’ll need a Clear Activator such as  contact lens solution. I recommend “Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution” which comes in a 500ml bottle.

You can get it here from If you plan on making a lot of Slime, it’s usually cheaper to buy a pack of 3:


  1. Hi Lou, went to Home Bargains yesterday in Mansfield and they had none on sale. Which Home Bargains did you go to. They used to have it in. They also ran out of the 500ml white PVA glue, as did Poundland shops in Mansfield. Found quite a few 1 litre bottles of PVA in The Works, bought 6 bottles at £3 each which is more than the usual price but saves me having to hunt around or pay inflated Amazon prices!

    • Hey, what an excellent, excellent find! I’ve just ordered some myself 🙂 Nice one, thanks for sharing. I agree, Elmers is very expensive and takes ages to get here. Shame really, they seem to be missing a trick! Oh I actually got some clear glue the other day from Hobby Craft, it was £2 for 300ml, some clearly your find is much better.

    • Yes we can confirm this works, obviously you need to mix the right activator. My daughter recommends “Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution 500ml”. It’s something like £5.50 from Boots or currently £7.50 from

  2. Hi, thank you Trevor for linking to our clear glue 1 litre.
    Unfortunately, due to huge sales of clear glue we are currently out of stock but we are due another shipment on 22nd January 2018.
    We are trying very hard to keep our clear glue in stock and we are always receiving new supplies. You can of course use PVA glue to make slime, although we realise the clear glue is favourite right now. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. Many thanks, S&S Services

  3. Hi Emily, we’ve ordered a couple of times from your website, my daughter thinks it’s great! Fast delivery and well packaged. Great glue at a great price, thanks for stocking this :-). Trevor, again a great find and thanks for sharing! Happy slime making!

  4. I’m In the UK, but I live in Gants Hill, And I have a small Dilemma! I can’t order anything from amazon right now, Because I don’t have a credit card yet, But I can buy one. However, Every store containing Clear PVA Glue is at least 10 miles away from me! Can you help me out?

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