£3.39 Easy Slime Cornflour Based Recipe

This is a recipe which is almost doesn’t smell, unlike the Almat laundry detergent recipe.

The result is more of a play dough feel rather than Slime, but nevertheless fun to make and fun to play with.

Ingredients required are:

  1. Corn Flour, any will do, we bought it from Sainsburys for £1.39 for 500g.
  2. Food colouring, again from Sainsburys, £1 for a 38ml bottle.
  3. White PVA glue, from Home Bargains for 99p or Poundland for, you[ve guessed it, a pound!

For the container, I recommend using a used Ice Cream tub, or those plastic containers you get from the Chinese Takeaway.


  1. Hi there

    Please, send me a easy recipe for slime.

    We tried today twice but unfortunately it did not work.
    We used pva glue,shaving foam and contact lens solution.
    My 9 years old daughter very upset.

    Thank you

    • Oh!! Sorry, I told him that recipe. I forgot to tell him that you need Baking Soda, I’ll tell you all the ingredients!

      Ok, so you’ll need,
      1 cup of PVA Glue, (Check if it is if it isn’t, the slime would not activate.)
      Half a cup of Shaving Foam,
      Contact lens solution, (Make sure the Lens Solution has Boric Acid, Buffered solution, or if it doesn’t, try another Lens Solution)
      And half a teaspoon of Baking Soda

      First, put your glue into a bowl, next put your Shaving Foam in.
      Then, put in your Baking Soda, mix that all up!
      Next, put your Contact Lens Solution gradually into your bowl until it forms a SLIME!!!
      ALL DONE. 😀 Byeee!

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