Ghostbusters Slime Tub Putty

Ghostbusters Slime Slimer
Ghostbusters Slime Slimer

Ghostbusters Slime Tub comes in a 7 inch tall x 5 inch diameter tub, like the larger Barrel O Slime barrels.

It only comes in one colour, that is green Neon green, but disappointingly it doesn’t glow in the dark!

The consistency is more thick like putty than the Barrel O Slime consistency which I would describe as jelly slimy slime.

There are 3 different packs, each come with the same slime but different figures, which are the Ghostbusters logo, The Marshmallow Man and Slimer!:

You can buy it in the UK from Smyths Toys for £1.99 each by clicking this Link!

Or you can buy direct from Amazon in a 3 pack, containing all characters by clicking this Link!

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